Wednesday, October 28, 2015

8 Questions to Ask your Auto Mechanic

When taking your car for repairs at the mechanic, don’t just drop it and leave. Ask your mechanic a number of questions that will help you understand the service they are capable of providing.

1.     What credentials do your technicians have?
Auto repair technicians have expertise in different areas. You need to find out this information before you entrust them with your car. For instance, find out if the technicians have been trained to repair engines or provide quality car servicing.

2.     Are you familiar with my car’s make/model?
Taking your car to the dealership for repairs may be somewhat expensive and that’s why most car owners prefer to look for a private mechanic. However, it’s important to ensure that the private mechanic you have chosen is well versed with your model or make. This will prevent a lot of issues and ensure you get proper repairs done the first time.

3.     What kind of repairs do you specialize in?
Auto mechanics can focus on a number of different areas but there are others who are well versed with a single type of repair. For instance, if you want auto glass repairs, it is best to consider technicians who are experienced in this area. Find out what kind of service the technicians do best and focus on that.

4.     Can you provide free estimates?
You should be able to get a free written estimate from the mechanics before you can finally commit to having them repair your car. It gives you the opportunity to understand what you will be paying for and even negotiate for a better rate.

5.     Can you explain all the repairs needed in detail?
When your car is experiencing serious problems, you need a mechanic who can break it down to you in a way you’ll understand. Find a good mechanic who can explain issues and ways to prevent them in future. You’ll end up spending less on car repairs.

6.      Do you provide an alternative car for a client?
There are auto shops that provide their clients with a courtesy car when their car is undergoing repairs. This really works great especially if you rely on your car for day to day transportation. However, this may come at an additional cost that should be quoted in advance without any hidden costs.

7.      What guarantees do you offer?
You need to ensure that the car repairs done are of the highest quality and that the mechanic is able to stand behind their work. They will only do this if they offer reasonable guarantees. For instance, if the repairs do not work within a predefined period then they should be able to redo it for free.

8.     Do you offer warranty on parts or labor?

Most important, you need to find out if the mechanic will make use of quality auto parts and provide high standard labor. Most auto shops that provide a high standard of service will have warranties on their parts and labor so that you are rest assured that your money is well spent. 

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