Thursday, March 12, 2015

Auto Repair Basics Every Car Owner Needs to Know

The best way to avoid spending a fortune on auto repairs is by being well prepared. Take time to learn your vehicle. Know how it works and when something is certainly not right. The faster you can identify common problems, the more you’ll be able to avoid auto repair rip-offs. So if you own a car and you really want to enhance its reliability, the following information is very important for you.

Identify a reliable mechanic

As a car owner, this is the first step you take to take care of your vehicle. You can either go for an auto repair shop or look for a single technician you trust. Your mechanic should have the experience and certification to offer car maintenance and repair services. Find out what the technician is skilled at. There are cases where you may need to take your car to a specific technician depending on the type of problem it has. For instance, if you need windshield replacement, your local auto shop may not be able to offer a quality service. Since windshield replacement is a very crucial auto repair, you must identify a qualified expert for the job. A poorly installed windshield may endanger your life and that of other passengers.

Know how much auto repairs cost

Before you get anyone to work on your car, make sure you find out the cost of the repair. Most car owners only realize that they are paying too much after the work has been done. Ask the auto shop to give you a written estimate of the work that is to be done. Make sure the anticipated labor is also included in the estimate. The auto shop should contact you for approval before they begin any repairs.

Understand the parts being replaced

Auto repair parts are usually classified into three. There are new, remanufactured and salvage parts. New parts are generally the most expensive and may have been made by the original manufacturer or an independent company that is licensed to manufacture auto replacement parts. It is important for you to be informed by the auto shop if they will be using non original replacement parts. Often the non-original parts are cheaper.

The rebuilt or remanufactured parts are the ones that have been restored to proper working condition after having undergone some form of damage or wear and tear. These remanufactured parts are usually in sound working condition and that’s why the auto shop may offer a warranty when using them. The last option is to consider the salvage parts which are taken from another vehicle without alterations. Since salvage parts have not been restored they may not be very reliable.

Seek preventative maintenance

Remember that your car needs routine maintenance to prevent costly issues that may come along the way because an issue was not resolved fast. Ask your auto technician to explain to you how often you should consider car maintenance and follow that schedule strictly. Frequent servicing can prevent a host of problems.

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