Sunday, September 20, 2015

Expert Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Cars ideally depreciate in value with time due to the obvious wear and tear. However, the rate at which the vehicle dilapidates depends on how well you take care of it. If you want to avoid making costly repairs on a vehicle whose value is already dropping, you should consider the following vehicle maintenance practices that will keep your car running smooth for longer.

The tires and wheels
You should rotate your tyres at least after every 5000 miles. When washing your car clean all the grime and dirt off the brakes for your brakes to work properly. If you do a lot of off-road driving with your car, you may have to do this cleaning more often than usual. Tyre pressure checks should be done once a week because bad tyre pressure affects the fuel consumption. Bald and slick tyres are only good for the racing track but not on the road. Tyres get worn out with time and you should replace tyres with a low tread depth.

The engine
The engine may look quite complex and there are many tiny bits that you are actually not supposed to touch if you are not qualified. However, the unprofessional eye can still check the amount of wear and tear on the engine drive belts usually at the front of the engine. The accessory drive belt and timing belt are supposed to be replaced preferably after 50,000 miles.

Everyone can also check the engine oil and it is very quick and easy. Too much or too little engine oil can damage your engine. You need to park the car on a level surface, allow the engine to cool down then find the dipstick, wipe it clean and dip it again to check the level of the oil. The dipstick is usually marked with the levels that the engine oil is supposed to be. You should check the coolant level as well. The coolant reservoir is the white or translucent bottle on the side of your engine.

Use the right fuel
You need to use the right fuel as advised in the vehicle handbook. There are some myths that ‘premium’ fuel varieties or ‘high octane’ fuel gives you better mileage on the gallon. You should stick to the kind of fuel that your car’s engine was built for by the manufacturer.

Detail the exterior and interior
You can also keep your car looking showroom fresh by choosing high quality detailing supplies. Detail your vehicles interior and exterior to keep it smelling fresh and to keep the paint looking glossy. Detailing the interior is also good for the air conditioning as it reduces the amount of dust that ends up in the air conditioning.


The batter terminals also get dirty with time preventing the wiring from making good contact. You may notice the electrical components are not working properly because of this. You need to remove the terminal caps and clean the contact posts using a wire brush for better connectivity.

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