Thursday, January 1, 2015

Steps for Choosing the Best Auto Repair Shop

Companies are built differently. Some will charge you double for a simple service whereas others will render questionable services. The case is the same with the auto repair shops. It is not uncommon for estimates to vary wildly between shops. Learning how to choose a reliable auto shop is crucial and here are the five steps you should take.

1.     Pay attention to recommendations

Any firm can advertise but you will be safer with the shop that family, friends and acquaintances recommend. This shows the shop will deliver services you can be satisfied with. Often times, the businesses recommended to you are not the best-known or the biggest in the region. But you can rest assured knowing your trusted friends loved the support they got from them.

2.     The location of the shop

The location of an auto repair shop will affect you in two ways; cost and ease of access. Shops that are located close to major towns tend to charge more for their services. This is because they deal with a special type of client and they have to keep up with the high cost of living. Second, if the shop is far from your main area of operation, you will spend more time and money getting your car to the repair shop.

As a side note, you must beware of high-end auto shops. Such shops will include non-essential work in their estimates so as to pay their high-end staff. Charges may include time spend removing the door or the hood.

3.     Get multiple estimates

When it comes to the auto repair shops, you need to pick one shop and stick with it for all your future repair and maintenance needs. However, before you can find that perfect company, you have to shop around. Take your car to different shops for different quotes. This will help you know the average cost of your auto problem as well as keep you from being overcharged. Even so, you shouldn’t just choose the most affordable shop. You might just get what you pay for. Verify the competence of a service provider before committing.

4.     Ask questions 

You have to be smart when going to an auto shop. Ask them the right questions to know if they are the right mechanics for your project. Some of the top questions you should ask include the following:
·       Do you offer written warranties and what does the warranty cover?
·       Do you have a theft and fire insurance?
·       Can I see your business license?
·       Which materials do you plan on using? New or aftermarket parts?

5.     Follow your sixth sense 

This is the final step. A shop may have the best reputation and the latest technology but if its office is never busy, it may be because motorists are avoiding it for their sloppy work. In addition to that, if the store is dirty, disorganized or cluttered, this may be a reflection of what you can expect. How is the customer service? Do you feel welcomed? Choose a shop you feel comfortable in.

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