Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Finding the Right Auto Repairman for Your Dream Car!

An auto or car is everyone’s dream. In fact, for many automotive owners their car is their baby. Over the years, the auto industry has grown immensely. The automotive industry consists of many organizations and auto companies that deal with the car’s design, development right to the manufacturing, marketing and selling the car to the perspective owner. Over the years, the auto industry has gone from being a simple car industry to becoming the most important economic sector in term of revenue.

Before you for auto repair you need to consider the following:
•             Written estimate of the repair required

•             A detailed invoice of the parts and the work with the labor charges clarified

•             Charges should not exceed 10% - $15.00, unless you have approved of it

•             If you have asked for replaced parts to be returned, make sure you get them back

•             Invoice statement stating parts used come with 90 days minimum warranty, 3000 miles

•             Right to test drive the car before full payment

•             The right to return the vehicle for repair in case any warranty part is not functioning properly

•             If any questions, right to speak to the manager

These five facts should be taken care of, so you do not get overcharged:
1. Avoid getting additional work that is not required.

2. Make sure you do not get charged for repair you do not require.

3. Do not fall for advertisements and baseless services that you do not need.

4. Do not approve to take maintenance packages that are not required.

5. Make sure you do not get charged for something that is covered with warranty.

What to do if you require auto requires repair?

 If you need auto repair, you should follow these points:
1- Always go to a licensed MVR. Only a licensed Motor Vehicle Repair shop will have licensed parts and mechanics who are not just trained, but professionals.

2- Even if it is a small problem take your car for a checkup, or you could repent later.

3- Before going into a shop, do a little research on the shop from family and friends who have encountered the same problem. Compare the estimates and warranties and make sure you know which features are supported in your warranty and which is not.

4- Compare the repair shops, so you choose the best one.

5- Once the shop you are using is decided, make sure you get a written contract for the work to be done.

Finding a good auto mechanic is very important. Unfortunately, not all mechanics are fit for the job and end up taking you for a fool and empty your pockets. So here are just two points that you should remember, if ever you require a mechanic.

Find a Good Auto Technician before Hand
You might think this is silly, why have a doctor ready when you are fine. But, just like the human body the mechanical parts of the car can run down and will require repair, hence; it is better you have a good auto technician before on hand ready.

How to find a good Auto Technician?

Who better than your family and friends or your colleagues? You can search online and compare technician of various auto repairs or call your local car clubs and get a local referral. 

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