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Useful Car Accessories

Useful Car Accessories

The Gear Every Vehicle Deserves

Spare tyre, first aid kit, warning triangle: those things are mandatory for every car on South
African roads. If driving across the border, you may need to have additional items, such as a high visibility jacket or a fire extinguisher.

On top of obligatory equipment, many drivers lavish additional car accessories on their vehicles.
Here are some of the most popular ones, ranging from practical to flashy (and back).

Well Kitted out

Non-mandatory, but highly recommended car accessories include a basic toolkit; replacement bulbs; jack and tyre iron (if not included with the spare tyre); tow strap; and jumper cables.

Roof rack is a must for even mildly adventurous drivers, because it is impossible to fit a kayak
or a pair of skis in the boot. Cycling aficionados will want to have a specialised bike mount at
the rear of the vehicle.

The modest cell phone charger, which connects to your phone and to the cigarette lighter in order to recharge your cell phone's battery, is simply a must-have for a long trip (and for drivers who are in habit of forgetting to charge their cell phones).

Spick and Span

Believe it or not, one of the best selling vehicle accessories are… floor mats. Some
drivers are so passionate about cleanliness that they (we kid you not) make passengers wipe feet on a mat before entering the vehicle.

Other popular car care products include car vacuums, microfibre cloths and splash guards for
exterior protection. To complete the presentation of your spotlessly clean car, make the interior
sweet-scented with car air fresheners.


If you have a child, the proper safety seat is non-negotiable. This is one of the best car
accessories for your child and for your peace of mind (so you can concentrate on the business of driving).

And if you often drive with a pet, better get a harness seatbelt. A pet wondering around a car is
bad news, for you and for the other participants in the traffic.

A Pleasure to Drive

The modern-day drivers have at their disposal a plethora of gadgets and gizmos designed to make the driving experience easier and more pleasurable. 

Practicality-wise, a GPS device is close to the top of the list. With prices of petrol soaring as
they do, no one wants to drive around looking for the right address.

Cellphone holders will save you from hunting for your handset while driving. A cheaper alternative is a dash pad, which will keep your mobile, your keys, coins, and other small things in place.

A hands-free cellphone connector is a boon when a call simply has to be made or answered, though talking on a cellphone while driving is never a good idea.

Gloves are another highly recommended accessory. The driving wheel can get really hot under the South African sun. Besides, driving gloves look cool and protect your hands from getting age spots before their time.

It goes without saying that a decent sound system is something no car should be without. However, be kind to your ears and turn the volume down.

Prettified and Protected

Many drivers can't wait to put their personal stamp on their car. Some go for flashy rims and
mags. Others opt for cutesy decals and decorations.

After you invested all that money and time on your car, you will want to protect it from theft, so
make sure that the alarms are in place and that you lock your car when you leave it.

And, above all, never let any accessory or gadget distract you from driving responsibly and

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