Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Top 5 Car Maintenance Tips for the Summer

No doubt, winter certainly puts considerable strain on car. But dealing with the hot summer months can be equally challenging. The arrival of summer does not mean that you should neglect your car. Car maintenance is something that needs to be done throughout the year. If you want your car to be in tip-top-shape, without breaking down, then there are several things you can do this summer, including paying a visit to a local auto repair shop.

If you do not want your car to break down, then all you need to do is adhere to the following car maintenance tips for the summer.

Air Conditioning: Air conditioning is particularly valuable during summer, especially if you get stuck in a traffic jam. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that your car’s AC system is prepared for the summer period. Your car’s air conditioning system has probably lost all or most of its refrigerant gas during winter and it will continue to do so throughout the year. So, to avoid a major AC repair, you should get the refrigerant gas refilled and get your unit serviced if you have driven your car 30,000 miles since the previous service.

Air filter: Come summer, your car’s air filter will be more likely to get clogged up since it is designed to keep debris and dust from entering the engine. If it has been a long time since you replaced the filter, then you should replace it as soon as summer arrives, so that the air flow going into the engine is not hindered.

Batteries: During winter, your car batteries have probably gone through a lot. If you start your car and if it seems to struggle, then there might be a problem with the batteries. Moreover, the batteries will be prone to getting overcharged due to the summer heat. Keeping the batteries clean will ensure that they run smoothly. So, before you take your car out for a drive this summer, wipe off the battery terminals after detaching the cables.

Cooling fan: As its name suggests, the cooling fan serves the purpose of cooling the engine, especially during summer. The engine can get significantly damaged if the fan seizes and the engine coolant boils up, which is very likely during summer. After turning the heater to cold and driving the car to normal temperatures, park your car and keep the engine running for 5 minutes. If the fan does not automatically kick in within this time and your engine temperatures begin spiraling upwards, then you may need to seek assistance from a local auto repair shop.

Tires: One common cause of vehicular breakdown during summer is punctures, while an already present damage can get aggravated by the high temperatures. Therefore, since summer is nearing, you should monitor your car’s tire pressures, and you should continue checking them once summer has actually arrived. An abrupt drop in the pressures of any of the tires might be a sign of a puncture. You should also make sure that your car tires have a tread depth of at least 1.6mm.

The bottom line is that both winter and summer can put an equal amount of strain on your car. This is why you must be wary of car maintenance throughout the year. The above following car maintenance tips for the summer will certainly help, but you might just have to pay a visit to the Faircloth Automotive Crawfordville auto repair shop.

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